Third Party Reproduction

Third Party Reproduction is a term that refers to involving individuals outside of the intended parents in the process of reproduction. This includes donated eggs, sperm, embryos, and/or gestational-carrier arrangements. Third Party Reproduction is one form of assisted reproductive technology, or ART.

At Halton Fertility & Women’s Health Centre, our team understands that the stress of infertility can be difficult and may need additional support. Intended parents have the opportunity to select through a wide variety of egg, sperm and embryo donors. Donors can be known or anonymous. Our clinic can walk through the process of third party reproduction with the aspiring parents and can provide the helpful resources to ease the challenges of choosing the right donor.

At Halton Fertility & Women’s Health Centre, we strive in providing utmost compassionate and inclusive care to our patients. We are proud supporters of the LGBTQIA+ community and can offer committed guidance and support to help with your desire to build a family of your own.